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Case Studies

How to help your employees Make their Mark
A large retail furniture and home accessories store in the United States has a wonderful idea to help their employees continue to Make their Mark on the company.

Whenever there is an opening of a new store .. usually one to two per year .. selected employees are flown in from all over the United States to help with the set up, training of new employees, etc. It is considered an honor and the employees vie for the opportunity.

At the new site, they are given a welcome packet, usually based on the theme of the opening. It usually contains a backpack, tee shirt, mug with coffee certificate and a pin. The pins are what causes the most excitement. They are traded and worn as a badge of honor. One store was so excited to Make their Mark, that they made a pin with a fingerprint on it. They got specific!

How refreshing to see how corporate America is working with their employees to make the employee excited about their job and to be rewarded for doing so. If more large companies did this, imagine the results.

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